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Westlands Experience

Westlands UK are committed to sustainability so our responsibility is to support their ongoing mission of work – the menu sits at around 75% of produce grown in & around the dining space…

For us it’s a chance to be creative,

think outside the box & take our plates to source.

The menu here is complete sustainability – inspired by the herbs, flowers & plants of Westlands – in our usual style of complete circle, recycled cooking we will use whole shellfish, whole animals & seasonal fruits to create one off unique dishes for our time in the glasshouse.

Think of the warmth in the tomatoes plucked from the vines & the intoxicating smell in the greenhouse they produce- expect edible flowers, herbs & plants picked & harvested by hand within minutes of eating them, experiencing the optimum texture, flavour & peak freshness of the products in the environment they grow.’

Sample Dinner Menu*

Snacks From The Glasshouse
BBQ Flatbread / Squash Paste

Shetland Mussels / Laverbread / Wasabi Leaf

CS Trout / Evesham Kale / Smoked Lardo

Red Deer / Celeriac / Winter Salad

Rollright Ice Cream Sandwich

Chestnut / Chocolate / Wood Sorrel

Treats From The Glasshouse

*8 servings / £85pp

Sample Lunch Menu*

Snacks From The Glasshouse
BBQ Flatbread / Squash Paste

Shetland Mussels / Laverbread / Shiso

Red Deer / Celeriac / Winter Salad

Chestnut / Chocolate / Wood Sorrel

Treats From The Glasshouse

Treats From The Glasshouse

*6 servings / £65pp

Westlands UK details

Westlands UK – Station Road, Offenham, Worcestershire, WR11 8LW
Kindly use the entrance and parking area through Merry Lane* as the Westlands UK main entrance is inaccessible due to ongoing work at the site.


Opening dates and times

Wednesday – Friday:  5pm – 8pm (bar until 11pm)
Saturday Lunch:  12pm – 1.30pm (close 4pm)
Saturday Dinner:  6pm – 8pm (bar until 11pm)

What to wear

Please note that the restaurant is situated within a glasshouse, so we respectfully request that you dress appropriately to maintain a comfortable dining experience. While the temperature is maintained around 25 degrees Celsius, we recommend dressing warmly to ensure your comfort throughout your visit. We have blankets available for additional warmth if needed.

Dietary requirements

If you have any specific dietary requirements, such as a vegan or dairy-free diet, or if you need substitutions due to food aversions, please inform us at the time of booking by leaving a note. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs, provided that we receive at least 48 hours advance notice.


Please be aware that, at the moment, we regret to inform you that our establishment does not have wheelchair-accessible toilets. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this limitation. We are actively working towards improving our facilities to ensure accessibility for all individuals, and we appreciate your understanding in the meantime. If you have any concerns or questions regarding accessibility, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.

Children and babies

While we welcome children to our establishment, please note that we do not have a dedicated menu specifically for children. However, we strive to offer a variety of dishes that can cater to broad preferences and appetites.

For parents with babies, you are more than welcome to bring your little ones along. However, we kindly request that you bring your own baby food and, if necessary, a high chair for their comfort and convenience.

We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring a delightful dining experience for everyone involved.

Available to book now

Until 31st December 2023